Random Notes During The Tour (Halfway Point)…

I tried some green in Brussels during a Street Performance, swear that shit was from Holland, 2 hits and I was high as fuck for like 5 hours, no lie….

The homey Joka got the protable studio with him x camera’s, shit’s dope he’s given me a Carta Blanche to basically record when I want to, that means I can grind on the side making music in between performances.

The women in Paris are sexy as hell…and the city is beautiful.

Me and Needzo man have pretty much killed every single performance, and getting better each time…swag

I pretty much been learning alot this time around when it came to crunch time and it was time to step up to the plate, the next time around I’ve learnt how to have my networking and marketing game in check, gonna be HAM.

I also learnt that alot of people across Europe are respect mine as well as my team’s hustle and we are picking support up everywhere we go…shits dope.

Ola Dioss – Invading The Invaders (2011 FREE DOWNLOAD)

Ola Dioss – Invading The Invaders (2011 FREE DOWNLOAD)

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?8t2u2fim231ec9s


Invading the Invaders is the 2nd official mixtape
release from Ola Dioss since relocating to Skopje, Macedonia.
Production has been headed by Money Over Zombie chief
beatsmith Zero Out Minds and created during Ola’s journey with Bei The Fish
touring across Europe as their currently promoting their new album
“Just An Idea: atto primo”, joining as a guest of the album and tour.

Invading the Invaders is a concept aimed at the reality
of emotions as well as metaphysical consciences.
The music is based on a ambiental or
energy in time when the moment was felt right to do so.
The mixtape explores different ideas whether frivolous
or complex, and everything was created for the specific
purpose intended.
Sometimes the listener may feel something has not sat well with them,
other times make them feel like they have the ability to succeed in
whatever there dream is and to make it a reality.
This is music for reality in every manner from a lyrical
painter who has experienced various issues, successes,
high’s and lows, emotional and nonchalant feelings and
placed them on the mantelpiece for all to see.
We hope it makes you feel something whether good or bad,
happy or sad, sober or mad.

1. Invading the Invaders (Intro)
2. Keep On Hearing
3. Thinking Bout ft. Vee Em
4. Anticipation ft. Vee Em
5. Spoiled Lunch Revisited
6. Getitin2
7. Vomit
8. Radio
9. 338
10. Flow Like The Flute (Interlude)
11. Canvas Spaceship
12. Fukcrap
13. (BONUS) Affected ft. Black Water
14. (BONUS) Salvador Dali

All tracks written by Ola Dioss
All tracks produced by Zero Out Minds except for tracks 2, 13 & 14 respectively.
Track 2 produced by Patchwork
Track 13 produced by Vybez
Track 14 produced by Mark Fader
Keyboards on tracks 2 & 4 supplied by Nenad “Needzo” Tonkin
Vee Em appears courtesy of Bei The Fish
Black Water appears courtesy of Money Over Zombie
Mixed and Mastered in E GO East Studios by Okatz “The Big O”
Recorded in E GO East Studios except tracks 10, 13 & 14
Tracks 10 recorded in Maramaska Lounge
Tracks 13 & 14 recorded in Studio Moodio
All tracks completed in Skopje, Macedonia, 2011
Money Over Zombie / MOZeu


Thank You;

My family, My whole team @ Money Over Zombie & MOZeu,
Bei The Fish, Vasil Gjuroski Management,E GO East Studios,
Studio Moodio, Maramaska, Haunted House, Derrick Mickels, Vybez, Patchwork,
Mark Fader & Black Water.
Special Thank You to Zero Out Minds for inspiring me to create Invading The Invaders
alot more to come in the future from us and the rest of the team!
A huge thank you for anybody supporting me and my team
from Day 1, and all the new fans who have started noticing our movement.
And of course thank you my love, Mary Jane x.

Thanks for your time and ears,


Ola Dioss – Chillin’ in Pari(S) freestyle video (taken from BTF tour)


Now it begins…a quick background…

taken from the facebook page….

…”Ola Dioss, is an Alternative Hip-Hop artist from various European descent, born in the United Kingdom.
Currently recording in Skopje, Macedonia releasing promotional project, ‘ Fly in the MK’ and follow up ‘Invading the Invaders’ which recieved acclaim amongst his peers in various countries.

After the success of the project Ola began finishing his debut album ‘Flyin’
Top’, alongside production and additional vocals supplied by Bei The Fish frontman and mastermind Ognen Anastasovski scheduled for release of first quarter 2012.

Currently on tour promoting Bei The Fish’s new album, ‘Just An Idea!?: atto primo’, of which Ola is featured on several of the cuts, Ola has worked alongside, assisted and appeared on other Balkan artists, La Colonie Volvox, Canon, N.G.O, and DJ Goce (SAF) projects and performances, as well as opening for Amy Winehouse and Moby in Belgrade, Serbia with Bei The Fish in 2011.

Aswell as beginning the year strong with a National, and Balkan Peninsula tour, Ola has now begun on a full-scale European tour as leading guest of Bei The Fish, performing everywhere from Serbia, Switzerland and Germany, to France, Italy and Austria”…..

I Said….

‘ I Canon Jealousy meaning that I make green,

The same colour on their face when looking in the mirror’…

So I’ll start blogging!

Why not I’m currently touring Europe/

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